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Chris Bowman

Chris Bowman

R. Christopher Bowman honorably retired as a Detective Sergeant, after 32 years of service with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Mr. Bowman was the recipient of the departments “Meritorious Conduct Medal.” He supervised a team of 13 detectives. Mr. Bowman and his team were responsible for providing policing services for all the clubs, restaurants, and bars along the famed Sunset Strip entertainment district. This included protection for the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, and Grammy Awards after parties.

Mr. Bowman, while working as a patrol deputy, was the Team Leader and certified in “Community Orientated Policing and Problem Solving” (COPPS). Mr. Bowman was a patrol field training officer. He trained over half a dozen deputies in patrol procedures and tactics along with street survival. Mr. Bowman’s work ethic afforded him the opportunity and led to him being selected to have a film crew from “COPS” ride along with him for a shift, which resulted in his appearance in one episode of the show.

Mr. Bowman has extensive experience and training in tactics, operations, the use and handling of firearms, weaponless defense, and conflict de-escalation. He has participated in and received active shooter training, crowd/ riot control training and first aid training. Mr. Bowman is trained in both defensive and high-speed pursuit driving.

Mr. Bowman has worked with the MLB as an undercover agent during major league games. Mr. Bowman has provided direct executive protection for NFL, NBA, and MLB high profile athletes. He has also worked closely with film and television celebrities.

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