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Peter Quinn

Peter Quinn


Peter Quinn has over 15 years of experience building security solutions. He has worked with diplomats, business leaders and ultra-high net worth families to develop sophisticated strategies to avoid risk. He has led complex security operations on four continents including the Olympic games in Brazil and 6 NFL Super Bowls. He now employs trusted, vetted contract teams throughout the United States, UK, South Africa, China and Israel. Mr. Quinn served for 22 years with the Suffolk County, New York Police Department, including 10 years assigned to the elite Emergency Service Unit. His training includes active shooter response instructor, emergency medical technician (EMT-D), hazardous materials technician, and firearms/sniper instructor. He was selected to instruct at the first statewide Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) school certifying all SWAT officers in New York. Prior to joining the Police Department Mr. Quinn spent four years in the United States Marine Corps where his awards included the Combat Action Ribbon.

Michael T. Georgoulis is a seasoned law enforcement professional with years of experience coordinating security and logistics for ultra high-net-worth clients as they travel for both business and pleasure. Mr. Georgoulis has worked on protection teams to discretely provide coverage to clients in a variety of environments from diplomatic gatherings to the red carpet and from white sand beaches to snow covered mountains.

Mr. Georgoulis is a twenty-nine-year police veteran and a retired sergeant with a municipal police department in an exceptionally diverse community. Mr. Georgoulis served in a variety of capacities during his career including patrol, narcotics, field training officer, and SWAT.  In his final full-time assignment, Mr. Georgoulis supervised his agency’s firearms and tactical training program for 9 years. He has served as a state-certified instructor in numerous disciplines, including firearms, active-shooter response tactics, and police use of force.

For eight years, Mr. Georgoulis served as the primary Use of Force Instructor at the Connecticut Police Academy. He has created training programs in civilian response to active-violence incidents for commercial and corporate audiences throughout the United States. Mr. Georgoulis was one of the select few Senior Master TASER Instructors in the world and served as a guest instructor at federal law-enforcement tactical schools for over ten years. Mr. Georgoulis has been certified as a Tactical Medical Instructor through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).

A twelve-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps Reserve, Mr. Georgoulis served on active duty for nearly two years following the September 11th attacks. His personal awards include the Combat Action Ribbon.

Peter Cunneen is an accomplished law enforcement and security professional with over 20 years experience, including 10 years assigned to the elite Emergency Service Unit. Mr. Cunneen is a state certified emergency medical technician, hazardous materials technician, and firearms instructor. Past assignments include explosives detection, canine handler, and anti-gang task force. Mr. Cunneen started his law enforcement career assigned to the high-profile Midtown South Precinct in Manhattan. Mr. Cunneen is also a United States Marine Corps veteran.

Throughout his career Mr. Cunneen has received advanced training and certifications in active shooter response, defensive tactics, defensive driving, and dignitary protection.

Mr. Cunneen is an avid Crossfit coach and former competitive boxer.

Albert C. Kilgore Jr. has over 30 years of law enforcement experience with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Mt. San Jacinto College. Mr. Kilgore retired from LAPD with the combine rank of Sergeant-Detective. His last assignment was Labor Relations, where he was the department’s subject matter expert in Labor Laws/Constitutional Policing. Upon retirement from the LAPD, Mr. Kilgore was selected as the Director of Campus Safety from Mt. Jacinto College, where he managed sworn and civilian employees who provided security for over 15,000 students and faculty members.

Mr. Kilgore developed the first undercover operation in Major League Baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers that put law enforcement officers in opposing teams’ jerseys to address the rise in stadium harassments and assaults. This program was so successful it has been adopted by other teams throughout the league.

Mr. Kilgore has worked red carpet events and led executive protection details for clientele including politician, celebrities, high net worth individuals and professional athletes.

Mr. Kilgore has extensive experience in investigations, training, tactics, firearms, active shooter training, field operations, emergency management, emergency response, undercover operations, surveillance and intellectual property.

Dean Camarillo has over 25 years of experience in law enforcement and is an active Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy, currently assigned to Homicide Bureau. He has an extensive background in investigations and crime suppression, including the investigations of several high-profile murders, cold case murders and crimes committed by Southern California’s most violent gangs. His experience includes surveillance/ counter surveillance, electronic surveillance, cellular telephone data analysis and undercover operations. He has conducted investigations with members of the FBI, ATF&E, DEA, U.S. Marshalls and The Texas Rangers Division.

Mr. Camarillo has extensive firearms training, including specialized training provided by the department’s Special Enforcement Bureau. He has also received training regarding active shooters and first aid.

Mr. Camarillo is an instructor for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department regarding critical incidents, including officer involved shootings. He is a gang expert and has instructed at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Academy and has been a guest speaker at the California Gang Investigator’s Association Conference.

Mr. Camarillo has educated local communities and schools with crime awareness and measures to secure their properties and personal protection. He provided property protection during several natural disasters in Southern California under mandatory evacuation orders, including wildfires in the city of Malibu.

Mr. Camarillo has provided security for a major league baseball organization, working in various capacities including undercover. He has led executive protection details for high net worth individuals, including musicians, actors and professional athletes.

Heather Burke is a veteran law enforcement officer who served in western Connecticut. During her 15-year career, Ms. Burke served as a patrol officer, field training officer, patrol rifle officer, crime scene technician and ultimately retired as a detective in the Special Victims Unit.

Ms. Burke has extensive training and experience in dealing with persons in crisis. She served as a domestic violence specialist, a certified Crisis Intervention Technician and a Hostage/Crisis Negotiator assigned to the Emergency Services Unit.

As PQA’s Director of Administration, Ms. Burke is directly responsible for the creation of our comprehensive pre-mission intelligence materials. These intricately detailed books, customized for each client’s specific needs, are what enable our Executive Protection teams to be successful, arriving fully briefed and familiar with all aspects of assignment. In addition, Ms. Burke oversees our post-assignment invoice and billing activities. Ms. Burke is also capable of participating in short-term executive protection assignments.

Ms. Burke has a BS in Justice and Law Administration and a BBA, Summa Cum Laude, in Accounting and Human Resource Management, all from Western Connecticut State University.

Steve Bardak is a 25-year veteran of the Suffolk County Police Department, NY. He currently has 19 years of experience serving in special operations while being assigned to the Emergency Service Unit. For the past 6 years he has been the training officer for the 45 men in this command. He instructs operators in Tactics, Hazardous Materials response and mitigation, prevention and response radiological incidents, technical rescue, waterborne operations, rescue swimmer, sniper/observer, helicopter operations and all applicable equipment pertaining to these tasks. He is a New York State Certified Master Instructor, and since 2007 he has taught nationally as a contractor for the Department of Energy. His contracting duties are assigned through their Counter Terrorism Operations Support group working out of the National Nuclear Security Site (Area 23 Mercury Nevada).

Concurrently, Steve also instructs throughout the United States for Louisiana State University in Tactical Response to CBRNE events and active shooter response.

Steve also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling.

John Rogan has over 29 years of law enforcement experience having served the New York City Police Department as the Commanding Officer of numerous elite investigative units including Manhattan South Homicide Squad, The Major Case Squad and the FBI/NYPD Violent Crimes Task Force. Mr. Rogan attained the rank of Lieutenant – Commander Detective Squad.

Mr. Rogan supervised investigative details assigned to Presidential visits, Papal visits, and Super Bowl events in New York City. Mr. Rogan has received Dignitary Protection Training from the NYPD Intelligence Division. Mr. Rogan has extensive experience collaborating with stakeholders at all levels in the private sector as well as domestic and international law enforcement entities. Mr. Rogan has established a worldwide network of law enforcement professionals that can be called upon on to support PQA assignments.

Mr. Rogan is a Special Deputy-US Marshal and holds Top Secret security clearance. Mr. Rogan is a Graduate of SUNY Empire State College with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Session #267. Mr. Rogan is a NYPD Medal of Valor recipient.

Mr. Chappell is a 20+ year police veteran who retired as a Lieutenant from a large police department in Connecticut. Mr. Chappell has held several positions within the police department including Patrol Officer, Training Officer, Accident Reconstructionist, Motor Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant and Lieutenant.

Mr. Chappell’s last assignments were as the Traffic Division Commander and Assistant Commander of an elite Emergency Services Unit where he held positions as an operator, sniper, master breacher and team leader for 18 years as well as the commander of a regional explosive breaching team consisting of 25 members from 9 municipalities. He is a state-certified instructor in several disciplines including explosive breaching, firearms, patrol rifle, active shooter, building searches, dignitary protection program and high-risk entries. He served as the primary instructor for the Emergency Services Unit and helped prepare multiple agencies with all large-scale training events such as active shooter and response to terror. He was an instructor at a regional SWAT School and Direct Action Resource Center (DARC)-Law Enforcement Counter Terrorism Course. Mr. Chappell has coordinated and conducted several large-scale training exercises and many real world tactical operations. He has received several awards including two MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) awards, Life Saving Award and Police Officer of the Year.

Mr. Chappell served 15 years in the US Army and Army National Guard. He is a former US Army Ranger who served with the 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment where he received his Ranger Tab, Expert Infantryman’s Badge, Combat Infantryman’s Badge, Combat Parachutist Badge and Army Sniper Qualification along with many commendations. Mr. Chappell took part in the invasion of Panama. Mr. Chappell also served as a sniper instructor team leader that deployed to Iraq during the Global War on Terror. He conducting home station training and was part of a mobile training team that trained over 400 military snipers.

Mr. Chappell is an Eagle Scout and is a licensed Paramedic operating as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Ida Staples-Fernandez is a seasoned security professional with 18 years of experience in both high-net worth residential protection and executive protection details. Ms. Staples-Fernandez has significant experience working in and around the entertainment industry, having provided personal protective services to clients involved in the taping and production of television programs, awards shows, major motion picture studio events and other industry-related operations.

Ms. Fernandez-Staples has experience working with foreign dignitaries who are visiting the United States, including royalty from the Middle East.

In addition to her private security experience, Ms. Fernandez-Staples served as a deputy sheriff and municipal police officer in California for 8 years. Her police assignments include jail operations, community-oriented policing and a multi-year assignment to a regional narcotics team where she worked with a variety of local, state and federal agencies

Ossie Crenshaw is a retired Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer with 32 years of diverse assignments and deep executive protection experience. Mr. Crenshaw’s police assignments include patrol, vice, detectives, narcotics, the Mounted Unit and service as a police instructor.

The vast majority of Mr. Crenshaw’s career, 22 years, was spent assigned to LAPD’s elite Metropolitan Division where he served as a SWAT Team member, and for 12 of those years as a SWAT Team Leader. In this capacity he was responsible for planning and leading tactical assignments including hostage rescue, high-risk warrant service, barricaded suspects, crime suppression and dignitary protection details.

Mr. Crenshaw is a U.S. Army veteran and attended Western Michigan University. He has completed instructor-level training in many areas including SWAT tactics and Crisis Negotiations. He has extensive training and experience in numerous disciplines such as weapon handling, close quarter combat, executive protection, surveillance and counter surveillance as well as tactical mission planning.

Tony Cavagnaro has served as a law enforcement professional for over 15 years with the Suffolk County Police Department in New York and retired at the rank of Sergeant. Mr. Cavagnaro served 4 years in a specialized enforcement group and focused on identifying and locating wanted individuals. His last position was directing the E911 and Dispatch system. This included supervising both sworn and civilian personnel and coordinating the response of the appropriate personnel to critical incidences.

Mr. Cavagnaro has received numerous training throughout his career including a NYS Certified Emergency Medical Technician course, defensive tactics, firearms training and defensive driving courses.

Mr. Cavagnaro also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in electrical engineering and has worked in the development and testing of cutting-edge technology for AT&T and has owned and operated both a general contracting company and an automotive repair service.

Jose Alberto Calero has a combined 26 years of extensive experience as a security consultant and a contract government protection specialist. He is skilled at planning advance surveys, private investigations, and counter surveillance.

Mr. Calero has been responsible for leading advance security assessments and formulating and executing strategic tactical action and emergency response plans. He has trained and worked extensively with local law enforcement and government agencies around the globe.

Mr. Calero has an extensive background in corporate security and executive protection throughout the Caribbean islands and the United States, including more than 10 years of experience on protective assignments with prominent business leaders and high net worth families. Mr. Calero holds a private pilot license for Sea and Air and is an NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.

Mr. Calero is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Jeremy Clark is an accomplished law enforcement professional, with years of experience in high-net worth executive protection. Jeremy is an active law enforcement officer with more than 24 years of service. Jeremy is a Captain and is the Commanding Officer of his agency’s Investigative Services Division and Commanding Officer of the Emergency Services Unit, with 22 years as a unit member/leader. He previously commanded his agency’s Internal Affairs Division, Vice and Narcotics Unit, Polygraph Unit, Community Services Division, Patrol Division, and the Street Crimes Unit. Prior to joining his current agency, Jeremy worked for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Jeremy is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Connecticut SWAT Challenge, the nation’s 2nd largest tactical training competition. This event annually draws competitors from local, state, and federal agencies as well as foreign tactical teams. He concurrently serves as Vice-President and Co-founder of the Our Heroes Fund, a non-profit organization that was created, organized and run by a board of directors comprised of three service-connected disabled veterans that aims to promote activities that assist in the health, welfare and operation capabilities of first responders and military veterans.

Jeremy is a US Army veteran having served active duty with the 25th Infantry Division and graduated with honors from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

R. Christopher Bowman honorably retired as a Detective Sergeant, after 32 years of service with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Mr. Bowman was the recipient of the departments “Meritorious Conduct Medal.” He supervised a team of 13 detectives. Mr. Bowman and his team were responsible for providing policing services for all the clubs, restaurants, and bars along the famed Sunset Strip entertainment district. This included protection for the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, and Grammy Awards after parties.

Mr. Bowman, while working as a patrol deputy, was the Team Leader and certified in “Community Orientated Policing and Problem Solving” (COPPS). Mr. Bowman was a patrol field training officer. He trained over half a dozen deputies in patrol procedures and tactics along with street survival. Mr. Bowman’s work ethic afforded him the opportunity and led to him being selected to have a film crew from “COPS” ride along with him for a shift, which resulted in his appearance in one episode of the show.

Mr. Bowman has extensive experience and training in tactics, operations, the use and handling of firearms, weaponless defense, and conflict de-escalation. He has participated in and received active shooter training, crowd/ riot control training and first aid training. Mr. Bowman is trained in both defensive and high-speed pursuit driving.

Mr. Bowman has worked with the MLB as an undercover agent during major league games. Mr. Bowman has provided direct executive protection for NFL, NBA, and MLB high profile athletes. He has also worked closely with film and television celebrities.