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Executives, celebrities, and other high-profile individuals expose themselves to a certain amount of risk when traveling and/or attending events. At PQA, we take all factors into consideration in order to create and implement an operational security plan tailored to the client’s specific needs. With 15-plus years of experience, we have successfully led operations around the globe.

Operational Safety & Security Plan Advance Packet

PQA prepares a comprehensive operational plan that covers all aspects of an upcoming assignment. This plan includes any and all information relevant to the security of our clients.

Details Provided Include but Are Not Limited To:

  • Security overview
  • Equipment (i.e. medical kits, satcom, amenities etc.)
  • Communication methods
  • Weather forecast and potential impact
  • Key dates, contacts and locations
  • Location orientation
  • Vehicle routes, operational maps and traffic data
  • Medical considerations and contingency plan
female executive needing protection service

Time Management

At PQA, we understand the importance of arriving at a place or event at the time specified by the client.

Once we receive the client’s schedule, it’s carefully vetted by our team of risk management experts for all aspects involving ground transportation. If provided with an itinerary in advance, we can drive through the primary routes in “real time”. This enables us to create predetermined primary and secondary routes accounting for outside factors, and helps build an accurate schedule to make best use of our client’s valuable time.

Ground Transportation Security

Our Drivers

Our team of Executive Protection Officers (EPO) includes professional, security trained drivers who have been personally vetted by PQA leadership. We have the personnel to meet the needs of any client; whether you require an individual driver or a team of drivers with advance and follow vehicles, PQA has you covered.

PQA Domestic Fleet

PQA owns and operates many of the vehicles we use for client transportation throughout the United States. These vehicles are equipped with medical equipment and are operated by EPO’s with medical training; our team includes certified first responders, EMTs, and paramedics.

Client Priority

We provide each of our clients with personalized security recommendations known to be most effective; however, the client makes the final decision on exactly what type of security coverage they want. PQA will ensure your safety whether you want to be seen or prefer traveling incognito. Our EPO’s can be with you at all times or hide in plain sight where they’re able to keep you secure without hindering your personal space.

At PQA, we pride ourselves in effectively maintaining the security of our clients while providing each of them with the level of personal comfort they deserve.