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Whether maintaining the security of passengers while underway or keeping clients safe during shore excursions, PQA has the experience and expertise you can rely on to get the job done right.

PQA & Priavo – A Trusted Security Partnership

PQA has solidified a partnership with one of the most trusted names in the industry to provide our clients with access to top-of-the-line security resources and a team of knowledgeable maritime security experts.

About Priavo

Priavo Maritime is an industry leader in maritime security services, with extensive experience in the protection of superyachts, commercial vessels, and high-profile individuals.

Superyacht Security

International terrorism and piracy have become a legitimate concern for superyacht owners, passengers, and guests. Whether in port or at sea, Priavo’s Maritime Security Operatives (MSO) have the training and experience necessary to avert any potential threats. Their MSOs have served within UK Special Forces, the Royal Marine Commandos, and Maritime Anti-Terrorist Units.


Additional Services Provided by Priavo’s MSOs Include:

  • Handling venue arrangements
  • Ground transportation and logistics
  • Securing cash and valuables

Priavo’s MSOs have dealt with all forms of maritime security threats and have done so aboard all types of superyachts and other large marine vessels. The comprehensive security surveys and private security provided by Priavo help to ensure the safety of your vessel and all of those on board.

Priavo maintains the security and privacy of superyacht owners and passengers whether on board or ashore using physical and/or electronic deterrence. Their MSOs also offer additional services to provide you and your guests with peace of mind knowing that every contingency has been covered.

Priavo will brief all crew members in order to maximize security awareness throughout the vessel. Their team of security experts also offers risk management services carried out prior to your trip.

These services include:

  • Cybersecurity audits
  • Crew vetting
  • Consultancy and enforcement on current and potential security measures and procedures

Crew Training

When it comes to averting potential security threats, planning ahead is crucial. This is why Priavo provides a crew training course which exposes and addresses any flaws or vulnerabilities within the vessel’s current security systems. Priavo’s comprehensive crew training course includes:

  • Security procedures, environmental and situational awareness training
  • Anti-Piracy awareness and counter measures
  • Crisis, incident and conflict management
  • Travel security and self-defense techniques
  • Medical first aid training
  • Training on International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) practices
megayacht needing maritime security service

Secure on Board and Ashore

At PQA, client safety is paramount no matter the circumstance or location. Our team of professionally trained Executive Protection Officers (EPO) maintain a full security parameter whether on board the ship with you, or covertly monitoring from a nearby vessel. For shore excursions, we have a land-based teams of EPOs to ensure your safety and efficiently facilitate your ground transportation.

Medical Contingency Planning

Well before boarding the ship, PQA develops a comprehensive medical contingency plan tailored to the client, the vessel, and the locations it will be traveling through. Each member of our maritime security crew has gone through medical first aid training.

PQA’s maritime security team includes a medical doctor with advanced certifications in dive medicine and hyperbaric chamber operations.