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At PQA, our risk management experts ensure the safety of individuals and organizations traveling throughout the United States and abroad every day. With over 15 years’ experience, Pete Quinn has earned a reputation as the top-tier provider of travel risk management.

Personalized Operational Travel Plan

PQA develops in-depth Operational Travel Plans individually tailored to each client. Every Operational Travel Plan is created to meet the unique needs of the client and the specifics of their itinerary.

Details Provided Include but Are Not Limited To:

  • Location overview and orientation
  • Operational maps
  • Medical considerations
    • Recommended hospitals
    • Medical evacuation options
  • Cultural issues and etiquette
    • General cultural tips
    • Business cultural tips
  • Geography
getting on private jet

Travel Risk Assessment

When traveling, the advanced planning and preparatory measures conducted prior to the trip are integral to ensuring client safety during the trip itself. Whether consulting with a human resources manager regarding the safety of their employees or maintaining the security of high-profile individuals and their team members, PQA takes all facets of the trip into consideration and plans for all contingencies.

Country Assessment

If you’re traveling internationally, our team of risk management experts gather all data necessary to ensure your safety and peace of mind throughout the trip. Long before your departure, PQA consults with the US State Department, and our network of trusted international vendors to research and prepare you for any potential risks during your travel dates. PQA also corresponds directly with clients to validate that all of their travel documentation is up-to-date and meets region-specific requirements.

During the Trip

If necessary based on the level of risk, PQA can provide close protection personnel and/or security drivers to further safeguard our clients from potential safety breaches while traveling. Our international contract partners are all vetted by PQA management to meet our stringent standards.

Medical Contingency Preparedness

In order to further ensure the safety of our clients, PQA has worldwide access to advanced telemedicine solutions and a network of doctors to advise with. If needed, we can enroll clients with this service. Clients would then conduct a phone interview with a physician and be provided with a travel packet including both over the counter and prescription medications. They would then have 24-hour international access to a US based physician to consult with if they become ill while traveling.

Security Operations Platform

Through our partnership with Locate®, we are able to further assure the safety of our clients using their proprietary in-house security operations platform.

Locate offers a complete end to end solution for the safety of travelers, lone workers, and response teams. The tracking capability allows clients to monitor their travelers or workers across the globe. Users can activate an alert which informs all relevant personnel immediately triggering the response app. The platform also has an integrated mass notification system, allowing you to contact all your users at once when necessary.


Standout Security Features

  • Multi-Channel Communication
    • Send messages via SMS, email, and push
    • Target messages to individuals/groups or specific location
    • Store pre-defined messages
    • Schedule or automate vital communications
    • Integrated reporting of message status, recipients and delivery
  • Geo-Smart Targeting
  • Seamless integration and synchronization with third-party data and systems