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With over 15 years of experience, PQA has solidified its name as a trusted provider of executive protection, risk management, and advanced security solutions serving clients around the globe.

Our reputation has been built upon our integrity along with the trust our clientele has placed in us. We refuse to sully that reputation. If we don’t have the capability or the resources to handle an assignment to the high standards we insist upon, we don’t do it. Period. We’ve seen and continue to see many firms in our industry over-promise and underdeliver. That will not happen at PQA.

world traveler with personal security

The PQA Team

Each of our professionally trained team members and trusted contractors undergo a thorough vetting process conducted by our senior management team. Our clients know they can trust us to provide them with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the industry.

At PQA, we are proud to employ almost all active duty or retired law enforcement officials.

Security Operations Platform

Through our partnership with Locate®, we are able to further assure the safety of our clients using their in-house security operations platform.


Locate offers a complete end-to-end solution for the safety of travelers, lone workers, and response teams. The tracking capability allows clients to monitor their travelers or workers across the globe. Users can activate an alert which informs all relevant personnel immediately triggering the response app. The platform also has an integrated mass notification system, allowing you to contact all your users at once when necessary.

Locate’s Standout Security Features

  • Multi-Channel Communication
    • Send messages via SMS, email, and push
    • Target messages to individuals/groups or specific location
    • Store pre-defined messages
    • Schedule or automate vital communications
    • Integrated reporting of message status, recipients and delivery
  • Geo-Smart Targeting
  • Seamless integration and synchronization with third-party data and systems


At PQA, we conduct a thorough evaluation and assess your security needs at no charge. This pertains to all of the security services we offer (executive protection, travel risk management, maritime security, and workplace violence/active shooter training).

We only recommend the services you actually need and will never attempt to upsell you. If we believe that you don’t require our protection or services, we’ll tell you.

Discover Peace of Mind with PQA

Schedule a consultation to learn how PQA can help with your unique travel and security needs.